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Orpen (Kruger National Park)

Orpen webcam

Regarding the water conditions of the Orpen water hole:

Due to the current dry conditions in the Kruger National Park, a few hippos have decided to reside in the water hole at Orpen. This has lead to the very dirty state of the water in the water hole. An attempt to clean the hole manually (21/11/2015) did not prove to be a viable option. A team is currently working on a solution which will be implemented ASAP.


Webcam Highlights

Submitted by engelas at 18:12:12
Submitted by Mant at 14:24:18
Submitted by AnnieMay at 02:58:37
Submitted by fa01 at 20:05:53

If you wish to discuss activity that may, or may not be happening at the water hole, please post messages at the forums - we would like to hear from you.

To Zoom in or Zoom out?

SANParks gets a lot of contradictory requests regarding the webcam zoom. Some people prefer to see the whole waterhole while others want to be able to see the animals on the cameras at a closer range. Unless someone monitors the webcams day and night and makes adjustments accordingly (a service which we cannot provide), there is no way we can meet all preferences, all of the time.

Our compromise is to have someone who adjusts the cameras in and out from time to time in order to make all webcam watchers happy at least some of the time. We hope you understand and continue to enjoy the webcams whether they're zoomed in or out, and share your highlights with us on the forums.

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